SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Southwest Airlines is more making schedule revisions to deal with issues surrounding the Boeing 737 MAX. The airline has now removed its 38 MAX planes from its flight schedule through November 2. It previously removed the fleet from its schedule through October 1.

The latest schedule revision removes approximately 180 daily flights. Any further delays could impact the holiday flight schedule.

Boeing and the FAA grounded all MAX planes in order to do software enhancements after several deadly plane crashes.

Southwest issued a statement reading in part,

“By proactively removing the MAX from scheduled service, we can reduce last-minute flight cancellations and unexpected disruptions to our Customers’ travel plans. The limited number of Customers who have already booked their travel and will be affected by our amended schedule are being notified of their re-accommodated travel according to our flexible accommodation procedures. The revision will proactively remove roughly 180 daily flights from our schedule out of our total peak-day schedule of more than 4,000 daily flights.”

Southwest previously said the long-awaited Sacramento to Hawaii flights would be delayed until the MAX returns to the schedule. The airline originally planned to start offering them in the Spring.


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