by Dina Kupfer

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — A beloved giraffe in Vacaville is officially back on his feet. The plastic giraffe has been on the mend for months after taking a direct hit from an out-of-control driver.

Standing 17 feet tall, the giraffe statue at the Nut Tree Plaza was hoisted back into position Tuesday morning. It’s been greeting families in front of the carousel since 2009 but was damaged in a crash back in March.

It was a tall order but David Spencer from Bernie’s City Garage in Vacaville Stepped in and fixed the four-legged statue’s fiberglass legs, stripped down the old paint and gave the giraffe a spotted makeover.

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All patched up and looking sharp, he has fittingly been given the new name Patch.

After a fresh coat of paint, Patch really stands out at the Nut Tree Plaza. You can even see it across the street as you drive on Interstate 80.

Back at his post, Patch can continue watching over the Nut Tree Carousel and train for many more years to come.


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