ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A criminal from the Bay Area made a splash at Golfland Sunsplash in Roseville, making off with $12,000 worth of property before he was caught.

Now that 30 guests were victimized, the park is stepping up security.

Aryan Parihar, 21, was arrested for grand theft, accused of stealing from guests at Sunsplash. Roseville police were called to the water park on July 16 when several guests reported items were missing.

General manager Steve Rodgers went right to work to help.

“When the girl came and said that her stuff got stolen we started looking on the cameras and we located him,” Rodgers said.

The cameras at the park played a role in the arrest, as did the stolen items. Rodgers said police were able to locate and track stolen phones and officers found a stolen bag.

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According to police, the thief stole everything in one day, targeting unattended items. Looking around the park, it’s easy to see who he targeted.

“A ton of towels, purses, [and] bags, they try and hide their backpack and their purse under a towel,” said Caitlyn Snarr from Orangevale.

Rodgers says he’s worked in the water park business for 42 years and tells all of his kids to rent a locker, which cost $12-16. Sunsplash has rows of lockers, but some guests say they run into problems with them every once in a while.

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“We tried to get a locker but they were sold out, so we ended up locking our stuff in our car and then we hid our keys,” said Tania Docarmo from Cameron Park.

Officials recommend avoiding all crimes of opportunity around the park, including leaving your belongings in your car. On Tuesday night a family was victimized in the parking lot. Luckily their window-smashing was caught on camera.

Sunsplash said they will hand the surveillance footage over to police.


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