FOLSOM (CBS13) – Plenty of people come to Petra Greek in Folsom Palladio for gyros, fries and salads, but waitress Emmi Warford told CBS13 that one man wanted something else that wasn’t on the menu – The restaurant’s tip jar.

“My coworker, I went up to him and I asked, ‘Did you do something with the tip jar? Do you know where the tip jar is?’ ” Warford said.

“I already had a thought in the back of my mind and was like, ‘No way. There’s no way somebody did it.’ ”

Warford said that the restaurant’s security cameras confirmed the suspicion she had.

“We realized what may have happened, and I decided to look at the cameras and figure out who came in,” Warford said.

She told us that, to her knowledge, the thief didn’t make off with much money, but she called the situation hurtful, unfortunate and saddening.

“It feels pretty crummy,” Warford said. “You know, you’re not stealing from a business. You’re not stealing from a corporation. You’re stealing from people. You’re taking our rent money. You’re taking our bill money right out of our pocket.”

Warford said something like this has happened before at the Folsom restaurant.

“This woman slipped her hand in, took out a five, slipped her hand back in and took out another five. It was an hour later before we even noticed,” Warford said.

She said the small amount of money that was taken could have helped her out in the long run.

“It’s sucks. I was talking to my friend and I was saying I have just enough money to make rent next month,” Warford said.

She also posted the security footage on Facebook. Warford hopes that the video can be a lesson to everyone.

“The reason I posted it was more as a warning to others to keep an eye out for this kind of activity because it’s sad that it happened,” Warford.


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