EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — A woman is behind bars after allegedly assaulting her boyfriend, refusing arrest, and attacking deputies in El Dorado County.

The sheriff’s department said on Sunday, deputies responded to a report of domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon. The suspect, Vicki Weaver, had reportedly struck her boyfriend with a crescent wrench several times.

Deputies said after interviewing the victim, they had sufficient probable cause to arrest Weaver. But the suspect refused to leave her residence. The victim allowed deputies, including a K9 handler, into the home where they said they found Weaver sitting on the couch in the nude, yelling at deputies.

Deputies said several warnings were issued and ignored by Weaver. As deputies walked toward her, she rushed them and began striking the dog while trying to grab his collar.

Weaver also reportedly struck the K9 handler in the face, grabbed and twisted the fingers of another deputy, and tried to grab the groin of a third deputy.

At that point, the canine engaged the suspect, biting her multiple times.

Weaver was then taken into custody and transported to Marshall Hospital. At the hospital, deputies say she remained combative and kicked a nurse.

She was eventually booked into the El Dorado County Jail.



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