by Ryan Hill

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Many people are leaving windows or doors open to take advantage of the cool Delta breeze this time of year.

“Back in the day, it was easy to leave your window open and now it’s you know it’s not so much anymore,” Karen Crockett said.

A startling incident in Rocklin is making some people thinking about how to better secure their own homes.

“Stories like that gets everybody thinking about it you know,” David Cunha, Emigh Ace Hardware, said. “If you weren’t before, hearing something like that what kind of kick you into gear.”

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Police said the suspect broke into a Rocklin woman’s home through an unlocked sliding door then sexually assaulted her.

“So, in the summertime with everyone leaving their windows open, there’s a number of cheap ways that you can keep your window cracked and still feel safe and secure,” Cunha said.

CBS13 asked Cunha to show us some of those cheap ways to stay cool and, more importantly, safe. He said some items can cost around $100. But there are items that can be significantly cheaper such as a wooden dowel, a small window lock or a $10 dollar window alarm.

“Well if you want to start at the cheapest buck for less than a buck, this is just a sliding window lock,” Cunha said. “It’s a simple as unscrewing a screw placing it right on the track and you tighten it right back on.”

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He told CBS13 that one can place a wooden dowel in the frame of a sliding door or window frame to prevent it from opening the entire way. It all depends on the thickness of the door. They’re rather simple and pretty cheap ways to make you feel safe.

Something Crockett says it’s important in light of what happened in Rocklin.

“It’s a good set of peace of mind there. That I would be able to sleep at night and worry about it and still get the benefits of the nice breeze coming through,” Crockett said. “Sometimes I like to leave for a few moments and leave the window open.”


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