by Ashley Williams

MANTECA (CBS13) — He’s a master with the braille machine and he reads at lightning speed. That’s is why 10-year-old Miles Lima dominated at the National Braille Challenge in Los Angeles back in June.

It’s a competition that consists of spelling, reading comprehension and proofreading.

“They give me a sentence written out in braille and I have to correct it. It’s probably the easiest portion of the competition,” Lima said.

Lima lost his eye sight at the age of four, after being diagnosed with eye cancer.

“He was diagnosed at six weeks old with retinoblastoma, a rare childhood cancer. He had been in remission for quite some time. Unfortunately, in April, he had a reoccurrence of retinoblastoma,” Mile’s mom said.

The National Braille competition was held just days after going through a round of chemotherapy, but Miles fought through and came out on top.

“I took home third place. I felt pretty well knowing I was nauseous and tired during the competition,” he said.

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Miles has a bright future ahead, quite possibly landing in the world of aviation.

“I like to track flights. Random flights. I like to know where they are,” Lima said.

Or maybe his love for music will take him to great career heights. That’s right, he even plays the piano. Lima is already a force to be reckoned with after just four years of playing.

“I want to make people happy with my music,” Lima said.

Lima’s spirit is contagious his outlook on life is infectious. Some consider being blind a disability, but Lima begs to differ.

“If you are in the right mindset, then no, it’s not a challenge at all,” Lima said.

“Miles spirit is so positive he’s been a blessing to so many people. It’s been an awesome experience I have to say,” his mother said.


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