STOCKTON (CBS13) – A crowd that formed while officers were dealing with a reckless driver in Stockton ended up with two people being arrested for trying to intervene.

The incident happened on Thursday near Monroe and Oak streets.

Stockton police say suspect who was driving recklessly in the area was resisting arrest after being pulled over. A crowd then started to form, surrounding the officers.

One person from the crowd, at the urging of the driver, took a bag from the car and ran off. Officers were able to catch up to him and took him into custody – but not before a third suspect, this time a woman, tried to intervene and allegedly pushed the officers.

In all, three people were arrested: 46-year-old Louis McCornell, 33-year-old Brandon Jones and 52-year-old Angie Lorrian.

Officers say they eventually found two loaded weapons and drugs in the car.


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