SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A sexually violent predator could be moving to Sacramento County just one mile away from Grant High School and the community is pushing back.

“They need to keep him where he is, and deal with him, we have enough challenges in our neighborhood,” said Dr. Gina Warren with Neighborhood Wellness Foundation.

The convicted felon’s crimes took place in Santa Clara County and date back 20 years. Dariel Morrise Shazier is currently at a state mental hospital in Fresno County, Coalinga State Hospital.

He’s been a part of a state program that treats sexually violent predators with mental disorders until they are no longer considered a threat. The state tried to move him to Placer County back in 2017, now Del Paso Heights.

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Aaron Cardoza is already posting up flyers and educating his neighbors about the possibility of a sexually violent predator moving in.

“We don’t want him out here, this is a family-based area,” said Cardoza.

People who live here say their sense of peace and safety is at stake.

“I don’t like that at all, the kids should feel safe at all times,” said one mother.

Shazier was convicted in Santa Clara County on multiple cases in 1989 and 1994 including sodomy by force of a minor under 14, molestation, sexual battery, and oral copulation of a drugged minor.

He served a 17-year sentence. Now a Santa Clara judge will consider placing him at an address in Del Paso Heights even though he has no ties to Sacramento.

“To bring that to our community, where we’re already challenged with poverty, social inequities is unacceptable,” said Warren.

Dr. Warren says her work involves helping people transition from a life of crime and trauma but she says Shazier is not from the area.

“Bringing a stranger to our neighborhood, we don’t know his family, we don’t know his history cause we don’t know him,” she said.

“If we start becoming the dumping ground for other counties, it sets us back, and that’s not acceptable,” said Mervin Brookins, CEO of Brother to Brother.

Brookins says Del Paso Heights already has its challenges and for years they’ve been trying to improve the image, but if this move is allowed, “Today its Del Paso Heights, tomorrow its Meadowview, Oakpark… we just can’t allow that precedent to take place,” said Brookins.

If a Santa Clara judge rules to send him, Shazier will live in Del Paso Heights and only be monitored for one year. He would then be eligible for full release from supervision to live unmonitored in the community.

Many neighbors are mobilizing, writing letters, getting a petition signed, and will be at Shaziers hearing August 26th in Santa Clara County.

Shirin Rajaee


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