By Ryan Hill

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento police and fire departments responded to a call Tuesday that will make you shake your head in disbelief and shock.

Sacramento Fire told CBS13 they assisted police in getting through the steel gate in front of the building and prying the plywood off to free the man. The man falling through the Lumberjack Building Materials’ roof off Arden Way and was trapped for four days.

Some stores said they didn’t know of the situation despite being on the block.

“It’s very odd. In fact, it’s news to me. I heard nothing about it,” Greg Ribble, general manager of Motor Warehouse, said. “How he could get up there? Yeah, it would be surprising.”

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It’s a situation that left some business wondering how police even found out about in the first place.

“How did he…how did they know he was there?” Peggy Griswold, the manager of Steam Cleaners, said.

Police were notified of the situation after someone called 911 saying there was some calling for help. Griswold says it isn’t unbelievable finding someone in a building like this in the area.

“Some guy had cut through the metal building and came in here because he wanted to sleep. That’s all he wanted to do,” Griswold said.

Amazingly, the man did not sustain life-threatening injuries.

The fire department says the man was transported to the hospital for a leg injury and dehydration.


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