by Yasmeen Hassan

FAIRFIELD (CBS13)  — Dozens of homeless people are facing a new challenge after a local organization’s truck that stored dozens of cots for them to sleep on was stolen.

“Right now they’re actually just laying on the floor because that’s all we have to offer,” Pastor Sam Morris said.

The Solano Dream Center has been working with the homeless community in Fairfield, partnering up with churches to provide meals, a place to clean up, and a place to sleep.

Truck stolen from Solano Dream Center.

Since the truck was stolen, everyone is sleeping on the floor. But it’s not just the cots that were stolen. The truck was also storing their personal possessions.

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“When you’re homeless every little thing that you own is vital to you. So I’m thinking about everyone who had precious pictures, and even some have medical needs, their medications and everything,” said Jarrett Blankenship, with the Solano Dream Center.

Police are looking for the people who stole the truck. In the meantime, the Solano Dream Center is moving forward, collecting donations to replace the things that were stolen, and providing a safe place for the community to go at night.

“We’re not going to stop doing what we’re doing,” said Blankenship.


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