By Anna Giles

SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Firefighters released new information about a fire that destroyed multiple small homes in south Sacramento Tuesday night.

Sacramento city fire officials said someone left a grill unattended, which sparked the fire.

CBS13 is also learning these were rental properties that might not have the right permits.

City permit officials can’t say for sure whether the rental units on the property are supposed to be there. People living nearby said the possibility these units are not permitted, is concerning.

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“That probably shouldn’t be going on and could be a safety hazard of people aren’t doing the right thing,” said Courtney Wells.

According to records from the Sacramento County Assessors office, the property is zoned for multi-family residential use, like apartments or duplexes. But the owners only have a permit for a single-family home.

Sacramento city building officials are unsure if the owners of this property needed to have an additional permit for the units behind the main house. They said if the owners are renting out to members of their family, the additional permit would not be needed.

We know inspections are required for rental properties in Sacramento, but this property does not appear on the city’s inspection list, which could indicate a problem. But CBS 13 is also learning that could mean the units are part of the Section 8 program and would then be the state’s responsibility to inspect.

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CBS13 could not get ahold of the department of Housing and Urban Development to confirm if these properties are under Section 8.

City officials rely on people reporting potential issues with permits. But some neighbors in this area don’t think people are concerned

“I don’t think people have the need or desire to call, report stuff even,” Wells said.

The city said they have not dealt with any code violations or complaints at this property, apart from a sewage problem several years ago.


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