SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — You’ve seen “Beware of Dog” signs around neighborhoods, but you probably have never seen anything like this. A family in Tahoe Park is warning neighbors about their cat, Bobo.

The sign reads: “Beware. Attack cat. I wish I was kidding. Our cat is not that bright and he chases dogs. We apologize.”

“We were walking down the sidewalk and the cat came out and actually attacked him and I had to pick the dog up and use my foot to keep the cat at bay,” neighbor Roger Mainville said.

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So far, Bobo hasn’t seriously hurt any dogs, but his owners don’t want to wait until something happens. That’s why they put these signs up.

“I did it in a humorous way. I misspelled a word on it. I just realized after almost a month of it being out there,” said John Gardiner, owner.

In case you missed it, apologize only has one ‘p’. Neighbors say that just adds to the charm of the sign, but the message is not a joke.

“Everybody gets a big chuckle out of it. But he will attack a dog if he sees it,” Mainville said.

And in case you’re wondering, apparently, it’s just dogs that Bobo has an issue with. All your other pets and family members are safe.

“We do have some people who walk their cats but I’ve never seen him run after a cat. He seems to go after dogs. He’s not that bright,” Gardiner said.


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