By Anna Giles

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The woman who caught a man recording her as she changed in a Goodwill dressing room is sharing her story.

She wants to prevent this from happening to anyone else. This happened at the Goodwill on Stockton Boulevard Monday.

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The victim, who wants to be anonymous, said when she confronted the man about what he was doing he denied everything.

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“What length would he go to continue to have these videos is really disturbing to me,” she said.

The woman just wanted to try on new outfits at Goodwill. She thought the changing rooms were safe, until she looked down and saw a camera pointed directly at her.

The placement of the phone seemed so casual, but the victim knew something was up

“I went into the dressing room and this man immediately speed-walked into the one next to me so already my red flag went off,” she said.

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She told a manager and they both confronted the man. She said he denied everything and was willing to hand over his ID and even his phone. But when the manager looked through the photos, she found recordings of the victim..and the suspect started running.

“What bothered me the most is he had access to the video, did he upload it? When he took off running did he send it off to others that maybe are holding this video for him?” she said.

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Police were able to catch the suspect. He was charged and taken to the Sacramento County jail. The victim now hopes this particular Goodwill will install changing rooms that at the very least don’t have gaps on the sides.

“It just feels negligent on their end because they know the right way but yet they didn’t do it,” she said.

CBS13 reached out to Goodwill to ask what changes they might be making.

They sent an email that said, “At the end of the day, safety is the utmost priority for our customers and staff. We have already increased security agents and retrained staff on safety protocols.”

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CBS13 did interview Goodwill employee earlier this week who said the reason they have gaps under the doors is for medical reasons, so they can spot someone who collapses on the floor who has some sort of medical issue.