By Rachel Wulff

DAVIS (CBS13) — Earlier this spring we told you that several women had been roofied at bars in downtown Davis. Police have not caught suspect, and now the problem is getting worse.

Davis police confirmed six more reports of bar patrons being drugged since June 1. Three of those reports have resulted in sex assault investigations. Whether it’s happening more or people are just more aware, authorities want to know who is responsible.

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“What they are reporting is ‘I don’t remember the last 2-3 hours or I woke up and have no idea how I got there,'” said Deputy Chief Paul Doroshov. “Young females going out with friends consuming alcohol and reporting a lapse of consciousness not consistent with the amount of alcohol they have consumed.”

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Authorities say specific bars aren’t named because the women had been to several before realizing what had happened. One of the incidents happened at a fraternity party.

Diana Perzedo works at a downtown restaurant.

“I am speechless because I have a lot of friends. Once in a while we go out and somebody buys us a drink which is really scary now knowing this,” Perzedo said.

Women we spoke with are always cautious when they go out.

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“You definitely should have a buddy and you look at who is making your drinks,” said UC Davis senior Pauline Balthazar.

But now they will be even more cautious and so will staff.

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“We try to take care of the people all around us,” said Victor Oliveira, who has worked security and been a bouncer downtown. “We see anybody disoriented and it’s like it’s time to go home. We try to keep everybody as safe as possible.”

Davis bars take part in special training to increase awareness and participate in a special police training twice a year.

“We do a bar meeting here at the police department. We invite ABC from time to time. This is definitely a topic of training coming up for a future bar meeting,” said Doroshov.

There are coasters available that can determine if a drink has a drug in it but several bars we spoke with do not use them.

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Davis police said they want UC Davis to put together an informational campaign about roofies. We contacted UC Davis but have not heard back.