by Yasmeen Hassan

EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — These scorching temperatures and dry conditions seem to be kicking off the start of wildfire season.

It’s been back to back days of fires in El Dorado County.

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“Definitely yesterday and today we’ve seen an increase in the fire activity. That’s what we train for and what we’re here for,” Cal Fire engineer Nick Pimlott said.

Two days, two fires, in triple-digit heat.

“The crews get overheated quickly. It’s physical manual labor and they’re dragging heavy equipment, hose packs, tools, chainsaws, fuel, and they’re wearing multiple layers,” forestry equipment manager, Scott Hogan, said.

Firefighters say they’re ready. They prepare all year for this.

“They’re amazing. They’re amazing men. They’re the biggest part of this community. I swear we wouldn’t have a community if it weren’t for them. It would have been gone long ago,” El Dorado resident Christopher Stober said.

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People who live in the area have seen how quick and devastating these fires can be. They’re preparing just in case they are forced from their home at a moment’s notice.

“Just make sure your stuff is packed. This time of year. Everyone knows that,” Stober said.

Even the people who aren’t prepared are still getting help from neighbors. Ready with water, snacks, even just a place to wait for an update on evacuations.

“We’ve been through this before with the fires and we know what it’s like to stand out here in the heat,” El Dorado resident Rex Gardner said.


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