SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An audit found nearly 60 former city employees were still getting “free gas” using their old employee IDs.

From ambulances to the claw, Sacramento has hundreds of vehicles in its fleet and they all need gas. To service that fleet, the city has seven of its own gas stations where employees swipe their badge or punch in a code to get gas from the pumps.

But now, an investigation by the city auditor’s office has found what appears to fuel fraud. Records show nearly 60 former city workers allegedly got gas from the city’s pumps after they retired, resigned, or were fired. Eighteen of them were former police department employees.

More than 10,000 gallons were taken, costing the city more than $30,000.

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The audit found the fleet management division was being notified when workers left city service, but they failed to revoke their gas pump access.

A city spokesman issued a statement saying, “The City declines to comment on specific personnel matters, however, all reports of employee misconduct are investigated, and appropriate training and/or disciplinary action is taken.”

The audit also uncovered other irregularities. For example, one worker was pumping more fuel than the maximum tank capacity of the employee’s assigned work vehicle.

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The auditor recommends installing surveillance cameras and removing the ability to manually input employee ID numbers at fuel kiosks.

This is now leading to some promised changes. The fleet division said it is now working to remove an employee’s access to the fuel pumps once they part ways with the city. They also said they’re trying to determine the cost of installing cameras.


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