SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Hikers and cyclists will have to find a new path on the American River trail come Monday morning.

Plenty of people have been enjoying the water and hitting the trails near Lake Natoma, but that’s going to change Monday morning as crews will be temporarily closing a section of the trail to clear debris. Crews are slated to arrive at 5 a.m.

Parts of the trail have been covered with large rocks since 2017.

“It is an easy slip hazard to be completely honest,” Michelle Thurn, a casual hiker, said.  “But if it was smoother I don’t think I could stress enough how much better it would be.”

State Parks says winter storms two years ago caused a landslide which led to the debris cluttering the trail. Bureau of Reclamation and State Parks say heavy equipment will be used to remove the large, heavy rocks from the Jedidiah Smith Trail on the American River Parkway.

“For everybody else who wants to use the stroller, it will be safer for them because it is a little bit of a challenge with that,” Nancy Gonzalez said.

Officials say hopes are to have the trail reopened later this year.

The closure will be starting approximately 3.25 miles upstream from Hazel Avenue and continue to the southern end of Negro Bar according to State Parks. Those who use the bike access points on the trail at Hazel Avenue overpass, Sunset Avenue and Main Avenue among others are being advised that going on the trail isn’t being allowed during the closure.

State Parks also stated that there will also be work done to remove any other loose material that’s directly above the trail on the nearby bluffs.

Some people say it’s great the trails are finally getting cleared out.

“It’s a beautiful trail, and having a big rockslide blocks access,” says Rick Borman of Folsom. “I just worry that more rocks are going to come down and if there’s going to be any further incidents.”

“A lot of people hike down in this area. And we hike,” said Christy Anderson of Folsom. “I think they should try and get it done sooner if they could.”

Officials say an announcement will be made regarding when the trail will reopen.


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