DOWNTOWN SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A driver ran through a stop sign, plowed through a man crossing the street, and then took off after the hit-an run-collision that happened in downtown Sacramento Saturday afternoon.

Part of N. 16th Street was closed down from C Street to Basler Street while Sacramento police were on the scene, but the area has since reopened.

“I just heard a loud collision and people screaming,” one witness said.

CBS 13 obtained a video that captured the moment of impact, but the footage is too graphic to show.

You can see the driver going through a stop sign, launching a man into the air before he collapses into the street. The driver took off without a second’s hesitation.

“That’s awful,” one woman said. “That’s just not right. I hope they catch him.”

The driver did not slow down before or after hitting the man and sped off as people rushed into the street to help.

“I saw the commotion,” said Chris Orozco. “And I just went towards the problem and someone was putting a blanket over the body and the guy was clearly not deceased, so they pulled the blanket off and he rolled over.”

Paramedics arrived within minutes, rushing the man to the hospital.

The police spent hours combing through evidence trying to understand how someone could run a man over and leave him bleeding in the street.

“You would think someone would have the morals to just stay and help that person if it was an accident, you would think they would want to stick around and help,” said Marcus Basquez, with the Sacramento Police Department.

The victim of the collision was taken to a nearby hospital where they are listed in critical condition.

Right now police are trying to figure out if this was an accident, or intentional.


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