By Ryan Hill

DEL PASO HEIGHTS (CBS13) — Del Paso Heights neighbors are outraged and frustrated after learning a violent sexual predator will soon be living among them.

Dariel Shazier

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“I don’t know if I want my kids to be outside you know. If he’s going to be coming around and doing the same thing,” Mai said.

Some are so afraid of him, the people we spoke with didn’t want to go on camera, afraid Dariel Shazier may recognize them when he moves in.

“I was extraordinarily disappointed, to say the least. Honestly, shocked,” Anne Marie Schubert, Sacramento County District Attorney, said.  “Now we have children of this community we’re going to be put at risk from an individual that’s never ever set foot in Sacramento County.”

Schubert said her office and community members say they weren’t there to hear why the judge came to decision to move Shazier to Del Paso Heights.

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“From what I’ve heard, I’m very disappointed in her thought process,” Schubert said.

Mervin Brookins is the CEO of Brother to Brother, a community-based outreach program designed to restore lives and rebuild the neighborhood working with ex-gang members and ex-offenders.

“She didn’t make a decision while we were there. She made it the following day,” Brookins said. “So what we heard was from the district attorney who is in closing arguments.”

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Brookins works with others in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood find a second chance at life with his organization Brother to Brother. He and others in the organization have strong feelings toward helping Shazier rehabilitate once he moves into their neighborhood.

The community’s disappointment is also fueling its fight for an appeal.

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“You best believe we’re going to that we’re going to continue to fight and do what we can,” Brookins said.

Schubert said her office will be looking into options.

“We’re going to consider what options we have. Can we appeal the judge’s decision? There’s a lot of things we didn’t get to be heard on,” Schubert said.

Schubert and other community members are worried about the message this sends to other counties looking to get rid of their violent sex offenders.

“We don’t want to set any precedent where any county can say, ‘Hey we don’t want ours here I’ll send them to Sacramento.’ And this is not a Del Paso Heights issue, this is a Sacramento County issue,” Brookins said.

Dionne Johnson also works with Brother to Brother.

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“If you’re a disadvantaged community, this is what you might want to start looking to expect,” Dionne Johnson said. “Because this is what she just set the precedent for. We don’t want that headache. We know the likelihood of him of reoffending is probable.”