SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The state of California is sending a crew of emergency workers to the Florida hurricane zone ahead of Hurricane Dorian reaching land. 

The 10-person crew is leaving for Florida Saturday morning before some Florida airports cease operations later in the weekend because of the hurricane.      

Inside the nerve center in California’s Office of Emergency Services, Florida is the focus.

Satellite images of Hurricane Dorian are on display in the massive monitors. 

Florida’s emergency is California’s emergency right now.

“Because they have asked us,” California OES spokesperson Shawn Boyd said.  

Boyd is on the 10-member team of Cal OES emergency management specialists being deployed by Governor Gavin Newsom to the hurricane zone.

His mission once disaster strikes is to deliver potentially life-saving messages to people in crisis.

“To disseminate information, to dispel misinformation…rumor control,” Boyd said. 

Boyd says California is being called on for its mutual aid expertise.

“We have one of the best, if not the best, mutual aid systems here in California, probably in the United States, if not the world,” Boyd said.  

Besides Cal OES, volunteers with the Gold Country American Red Cross branch have also deployed to Florida, setting up shelters, and working in health services for people in distress. 

Floridian’s pets are also getting help from California 

Sacramento-based animal rescue non-profit “Red Rover” is identifying shelters to place pets, and preparing to be on the ground in the aftermath of the hurricane. 

“Certainly we’re becoming most known for our work in disasters,” Red Rover President Nicole Forsyth said.  

“It can be really challenging to go back and get animals if they’ve been left behind.”

Bracing for a massive storm, and a forecast of catastrophic conditions.

California is answering the call for service.

The California Office of Emergency Services team is expected to stay in Florida for the next 16 days.

  1. kd7sjt says:

    Wow! 10 People?! That’s very generous. Kinda like sending one of Weed’s Fire Crews to fight the fire in Brazil.

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