By Marissa Perlman

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – CBS13 is now learning new details about a triple fatal shooting in South Sacramento now turned fatal.

Trey Hallman faces murder charges after shooting three of his roommates. One of those roommates, died from his injuries.

CBS13 spoke with the victim Terrell Brown’s sister, Shannell Torrez. Torrez said he was pronounced brain dead early Thursday.

All three victims had been living in Sacramento, together.

Damon Saunders, one of the victims, said he went through surgery and was released from the hospital.

“I kind of heard him pushing on my door,” Saunders said, remembering the harrowing moments on August 23.

Saunders remembers the moment his friend and roommate, Trey Hallman pulled a gun on him and his two roommates, Brown and Blayke Ares.
“I remember him shooting through the door, and he shot me through the door,” Saunders said.
Saunders was hit, but heard Hallman shooting at Ares. He grabbed a bat and ran to intervene.
He said, “Once I heard him firing on Blayke, I went out there and confronted him with my bat. He continued shooting at me.”
Saunders said he realizes how close he came to losing his life.
Brown wasn’t so lucky. Torrez said, “Terrell was a really good person, he did not deserve this.”
She said her brother had concerns about Hallman and recently voiced those concerns over the phone to her.
“Whenever we did our updates over the phone, he would tell me he was worried about Trey, but for reasons like depression,” Torrez said.
Saunders said despite concerns he never thought Hallman would pull a gun on him and his friends. Hallman and Brown grew up together.
“He was giving us warning signs for the past month or so,” Saunders said.
Both Saunders and Torrez say they will miss their friend and brother. Now, they plan to carry on his legacy.
“I’m going to miss seeing him during the holidays, and I’m going to miss him sending me updates on music,” Torrez said.
Saunders said, “[He was] always smiling, no matter what.”
Hallman surrendered to Police in Antioch. He is now in the Sacramento County Jail facing murder charges.
If you’d like to help the victims of this shooting, a website and donation page has been created. You can find it here.

Marissa Perlman


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