MODESTO (CBS13) — The victim of a violent assault on August 10 in Garrison Park that left him in a coma has died, Modesto police said.

Jace Decker, 63, was known as a transient in the area, authorities said.

On the night of the attack, Decker was in the park when he was confronted by Matthew Arguello and 25-year-old Ruben Rosales.

Police said the two men viciously beat Decker unconscious without warning, despite the victim pleading with them to stop.

According to Modesto PD, the two suspects reportedly believed Decker was a registered sex offender. Decker was not.

The attack left Decker in a Coma.

Modesto police announced today that Decker has since been pronounced dead.

Detectives said Arguello and Rosales are known gang members and believe the attack to be gang motivated. Although Arguello was arrested on August 17, Rosales remains on the run.

Detectives said they will seek prosecution for anyone found to be aiding Rosales as a fugitive.

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  1. Dustin says:

    More proof that the registry is, at best, completely worthless. Exactly how did they mistake Decker for a registered sex offender? Same name? Similar appearance? Or was this a gang thing and they’re just claiming to think he was a sex offender for sympathy? Or would it have been perfectly okay if Decker was, in fact, a sex offender?

    Absolutely nothing good comes from the registry. Well over 90% of those on it don’t ever bother anyone again (as was true before there was a registry, despite popular opinion) and for the very few and far between registrants that do reoffend, the registry does nothing to stop it. It has no investigative worth – cops only use it to beg for larger grants.

    The collateral damage caused by the registry in cases like this and the hardships on a registrant’s family members far outweigh any value the registry has, which remains less than none. Money spent to create and maintain it is wasted.

  2. Bill Thomas says:

    Are we through pretending the registry does any good yet? Even NJ, the great pioneer of Megan’s Law admits, “there is little evidence to date, including this study,to support a claim that Megan’s Law is effective in reducing either new first-time sex offenses or sexual re-offenses” in the 2009 publication . Attacks on compliant registrants are routinely ignored by police and, by extension, news media. But now that an innocent man lost his life over a mistaken identification, will that finally be enough to begin the process of removing this absurdity from state and federal law? Or are we so inured to the mass slaughter of innocent people that one more doesn’t even register anymore?

  3. Maysie says:

    Excellent comments from Dustin and Bill. It can’t be determined from this article, why they thought he was a sex offender, but even if the scenario was different and he was a sex offender, vigilante justice is not okay. The registry is public and maybe he looked like someone on it. The registry can make offenders vulnerable. It’s a horrible punishment that is serving no purpose except to bring more money into the coffers of law enforcement and to satisfy politicians so they can claim they are really doing something to keep the public safe. Most offenses of minors occur between someone the child knows and trusts, not anyone on the registry. It’s time to do away with it. It does far too much harm to families and the registrant who is publically shamed making employment and housing very difficult if not impossible.

  4. Anakin_Vader says:

    Just goes to show us all what sorry, worthless cowards these vigilante types are! Also, they’re both Hispanic. I wonder if they are even in this country legally? Any judge who denies that the registry absolutely violates the 8th Amendment’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment AT THE HANDS OF THE PUBLIC is a liar and is not worthy of the robes they wear!

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