SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A controversial new dress code at a midtown Sacramento bar is in the spotlight.

Some say the new rules are discriminatory, especially against African-Americans.

Bar West on J street is one of the popular hot spots in Sacramento’s midtown scene — known for its burgers, wings and nightlife.

Its location is on a popular stretch of J street right next to Red Rabbit and just down the ways from Harlow’s live music center.

While some people told CBS 13 they’re used to seeing certain “shoes” not allowed at bars around town, they say Bar West’s list seems to be targeting certain groups. 

Just recently, a patron dining next door says she walked out to see a dress code sign that said:

  • No grills
  • No chains
  • No baggy clothing
  • No sports wear

“I’m just trying to figure out, who they’re trying not to have come to their establishment,” Charlene Bruce said. “Just say that.”

Sonia Lewis, of Sacramento for Black Lives, said they used to hold chapter meetings at Bar West and had to have several talks with staff management about their service to communities of color.

“How could they be taking steps backward was my first reaction,” Lewis said. “Like I said, I’m not surprised. It’s very much indicative of the midtown experience.”

The Dress Code Sign is specifically for “after 10 p.m.” patrons, and it also included:

  • No Gang colors

“Grills are culture-specific,” Jolinda Broadway said. “Gang colors — what does that mean? I worked in a middle school. Yellow was for one gang, brown was for another, red and blue were taken, so what does that mean?”

CBS13 did ask to speak with managers at Bar West. No one was available, but a Bar West patron enjoying his Labor Day says it’s the establishment’s right to deny who they want.

“If they want to keep a certain vibe and image, they have the right to do that,” he said. “And if someone wants to wear joggers, they can go somewhere else.”

Comments (8)
  1. John Nichols says:

    Basically, just don’t play Halloween every night. Worked at a Persian nightclub, they banned “hats”. Guess who was wearing all the hats indoors? Black men…. ban behavior, not rig.

  2. Zach Watkins says:

    Disgraceful. CBS, you can’t even allow the word ‘racist’ in this story? Seriously? And how is it the entire article can go without a single mention that it is illegal to deny service to someone based on the color of their skin? Someone needs to slap a certain picture of a certain lunch counter on that BarWest sign.

  3. Robert says:

    Don’t like it? Don’t go there. Maybe these people that are offended should stop dressing like gang bangers and thugs and they wouldn’t take it personally….

  4. cris j ambriz says:

    Can someone please go to the Mexican Restaurant in Tulare CA called Mariscos Costa Azul on 200 N J St and take the picture of the same thing on this restaurants door??? Are we to now say that Mariscos Costa Azul only wants “white people’ in their restaurant???

  5. Sandy Estrada says:

    Cris j ambriz why haven’t you taken a picture or posted that sign. Comes to show what type of person you are. You come on here to complain but don’t do anything about it. Gross! You want something done then do something. Bet you eaten there lots of times without issues to the sign and contribute to filthy people.

  6. Newk says:

    Imagine being upset that you are not allowed to dress like an idiot and attribute the habit of dressing like an idiot to a certain race and then calling others racist.

  7. Mexico Will Pay For the Wall says:

    Sounds like they’re just trying to keep keep a high minimum decorum for its clientele. If people wearing grills, sweatpants, and chains don’t get to come inside after 10pm, who really loses out except a bunch of deadbeat dads with long rap sheets?

  8. Jim Bob says:

    There’s nothing racist about it. This needless racebaiting is why we can’t move forward as a society.

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