AUBURN (CBS13) – A man is under arrest after a scary incident that started with him allegedly wielding a hatchet and ended with him trying to punch a deputy.

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office. An Auburn woman called 911 to report that a suspicious man was yelling and pounding on her door and swinging a hatchet.

Deputies say the man had driven off by the time they got to the home, but he did leave the hatchet in the front porch.

Thanks to a good description of the suspect and his car, deputies picked up the trail of the man on Shirland Tract Road.

As soon as he saw a patrol car, deputies say the suspect – now identified as 34-year-old Clinton Johnson – started driving recklessly to try and get away. He was soon caught, however, and a field sobriety test found Johnson was apparently under the influence of drugs. Meth was also found in Johnson’s possession, deputies say.

Deputies say Johnson wasn’t done trying to get away. While being booked at the Auburn Jail, deputies say Johnson lunged towards a door that was opened. A deputy went to stop him, prompting Johnson to try and punch them.

The deputy was able to dodge the punch, however, and Johnson was again subdued.

Johnson has since been booked into jail. He is facing several charges, including driving under the influence, possession of drugs, resisting a peace officer and trying to escape jail by use of violence. He is being held on $1,050,000 bail.


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