EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — The husband of an El Dorado County woman missing since July 19 has been arrested on suspicions of homicide, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office said.

Anthony Gumina was arrested on September 6 after detectives located what is believed to be the remains of his wife Heather Gumina in the Pleasant Valley area of the county.

The Sheriff’s Office got a search warrant, and went to the Pleasant Valley area, where Gumina lived.

The heartbreaking discovery, the worst nightmare for her mother, Joanna Russell, who had been searching for her since July.

She said, “It’s the most horrific thing, that anyone could ever imagine.”

Russell said she knew her daughter was a victim of domestic violence, and was anticipating the worst.

Russell said, “I want to be a voice for the other women that are in relationships or marriages where domestic violence is occurring.”

Since mid-July, the search for Heather has taken over the Placerville and surrounding community.

Ribbons and “missing” posters are everywhere, but some tell us, Anthony Gumina has been absent.

Neighor Celiane Milner said, “That hurts. So you vouch for her, you put up posters and pink ribbons and you try to keep an eye out, keep the energy up.”

(credit: El Dorado Sheriff)

The discovery led to Anthony’s arrest and the missing person case of Heather Gumina has now transitioned into a homicide investigation.

No further information regarding the investigation has been made available at this time.

Gumina is currently in the El Dorado County Jail, not eligible for bail.

The community is organizing a fundraiser to help the three children that Heather leaves behind. If you’d like to donate, you can find the link here. 


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