SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Several anti-vaccination protesters were arrested at the state capitol Monday. Many were moms who were blocking entrances, resisting police, and filling the hallways calling for lawmakers to stop a bill that limits vaccine exemptions in schools.

They were protesting Senate Bill 276, which limits vaccine exemptions in schools. The bill passed the Senate Monday afternoon with Governor Gavin Newsom’s agreed-upon amendments. Newsom then signed the bill into law Monday evening.

Senator Richard Pan, the author of the bill, issued a statement after the bill was signed into law.

“I thank Senate President pro Tem Atkins, Assembly Speaker Rendon and my legislative colleagues that have stood in support of children who truly require a medical exemption to protect them against vaccine-preventable diseases. I thank the Governor for standing with science, and once again making California a leader in safeguarding children and communities from diseases that threaten our public health. It is my hope that parents whose vulnerable children could die from vaccine-preventable diseases will be reassured that we are protecting those communities that have been left vulnerable because a few unscrupulous doctors are undermining community immunity by selling inappropriate medical exemptions,” Pan said in a statement. 

The governor’s amendments to SB 276 were contained in a separate measure, Senate Bill 714, which was also signed into law by Newsom.

In total six people were arrested on misdemeanor charges of resisting and delaying a peace officer, and intentionally obstructing business on public property. They were also demonstrating without a permit. Two of the arrests were for people who chained themselves to the entrances of the capitol.

Protesters also blocked the entrance to Governor Newsom’s office, according to a capitol spokesperson. Dozens of women and children surrounded the governor’s office, shouting chants including “separate pharma and state.”

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Some of the protestors said they were making noise and filling hallways because they feel like they have no other option to get lawmaker’s attention. They said they wanted to disrupt voting on a bill that would limit vaccination exemptions.

“The goal is you want to tire us out, we’ll tire you out. We are not going away. Where are we going to go?” Julie Fullerton said.

Another protester chose to remain anonymous.

“No one is listening, what does it take? I have pictures of injured kids in my pocket,” the protester said.

Protestors were also attempting to force the Senate to adjourn.

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  1. julie megill says:

    Pro CHOICE NOT Anti Vaxx

    1. Paul feneron says:

      No. definitely anti-vax, because there’s still a choice, but choices have consequences.

  2. Cindy says:

    These moms are NOT “anti-vaccination” protesters. You could at least try to be honest.

  3. danni1105 says:

    Get your facts straight, they are parents, grandparents of children who were damaged by vaccines. Please educate yourself.

  4. Lee Black says:


  5. Nita says:

    Anti vaccination protestors is a misnomer. These folks are advocates for choice and informed consent. They are against MANDATES. They are anti SB276, which will effectively remove the possibility of medical exemptions for their children, some of whom have been injured by vaccines or are medically fragile and should not receive vaccines. Please educate yourself fully before reporting. Please report w/out biased language. Thank you.

  6. Concerned Parent says:

    Lorena Gonzalez herself confirmed on twitter there have been no fraudulent exemptions written!
    At least report facts, talk about misinformation… This bill targets the very audience it supposedly protects * facepalm*

  7. Linda Walker says:

    How about an in-depth report about vaccination ingredients (which they do not give you a list of as they do other pharmaceuticals), as well as why the public cannot sue the manufacturers for causing serious health problems in formerly healthy children, and who pays for those created health problems? Maybe really look at the whole issue and the reason why the protestors are protesting.

  8. Bridget Kielas-Fecyk says:

    These anti-vaxx morons really don’t learn, do they? Every doctor’s office has envelopes that tells all about the vaccines, none of them EVER ask to see it, do they? They scream they are not being given any choices? They are being given every choice.

    It’s quite simple, Mandatory does not mean FORCED. They scream and stomp and show off their privilege, ignoring the fact these vaccines are meant to save lives and protect people. No, vaccines are not 100%, but absolutely nothing is. And, as I said, it is simple. If they want to participate in public programs, or rather, have their children participate in those programs, then the children need to be vaccinated. If they do not want to vaccinate their children, then they forfeit the ability to participate in those programs, including access to publicly funded schools. And many private schools that are publicly funded.

    So, they are being given a choice. They can either follow the rules and fulfill the requirements, or they can deal with the consequences of their actions and behaviors. The problem is, they’re screaming FOUL because they ARE having to face the consequences of their behaviors. They don’t want to have consequences for their actions. They’re acting like 2 year olds that go “Not fair! I’m in trouble for something I knew I’d get in trouble for and I don’t want to be!” And they can cry all they want, but the fact is, they ARE being given a choice. They’re just bawling because they can’t take “option 3”. Who I feel worst for are their children. The fact they would rather isolate their children, deny their children an education, than just follow the rules. And if they scream “It’s against the constitution!!” Actually, it’s not. There is nothing in the constitution that forbids this. In fact, the constitution even states that a person’s rights does not override the health of the entire population.

    As far as this new law, and yes it WAS signed and now it IS a law, they can protest all they want, it’s a law now and it’s not going to go away because no lawmaker is doing any writing to remove it. All it does is forbid doctors from writing up FALSE medical exemptions and selling them to people. And calls doctors to task for doing just that. People are constantly going how they’re going to have to “flee the state” and how they’re “vaccine refugees”, which is enough to make me roll my eyes until they nearly fall out of my head. Flee from WHAT?? From having to vaccinate their kids in order to send them to public schools? In order to have them participate in public programs? To have vaccinations to be eligible for various publicly funded programs? Well if they dislike it, too bad.

    In a nutshell, the PARENTS are making the CHOICE, of their OWN FREE WILL and knowing full well the CONSEQUENCES of their choices. And if they are bawling because they don’t like the fact that they have to deal with the consequences, well then they should’ve thought of that before MAKING this choice.

    No one is banging down the door with guns drawn forcing vaccines. No one is “kidnapping the children at vaccine checkpoints”. No one is arresting parents and putting them into prisons enmasse because they don’t vaccinate. NONE of those conspiracy-driven stories are happening. People are being given a choice that has consequences, they are making a choice, and they are just going to have to deal with it.

    1. Rosie says:

      a good dose of research would do you good. vaccines are vastly different according to where they are administered. there should be no need to have a medical exemption. if you choose not to have your child vaccinated, you should have that choice. calling parents morons is a measure of your intelligence/non intelligence. educate yourself. go beyond main stream media. you’ll do yourself a favour.

  9. Laureen Price says:

    They are using measles epidemics as an excuse for requiring vaccinations. I was born in the 50s when all kids in my age group got measles. It was called a childhood disease. I don’t know any child that died of the measles. No one I know died of the measles. Let people make the choice for their children. I am glad I had the measles. I don’t have to worry about getting them again.

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