STOCKTON (CBS13) – Two students were taken down in an NFL-style tackle by a marine recruiter at Edison High School.

The marine stepped in to break up the fight among students on Wednesday.

The takedown was captured on camera. After the tackle, Private First Class Josue Valdez-Sarmiento is seen tossing one of the kids he brought down to the side, then walking away.

One student got up, the other stayed on the ground.

Some parents voiced concern on social media, saying the takedown was a bit much.

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But the recruiter’s commanding officer said Valdez-Sarmiento was just taking action to stop a dangerous situation.

“That instinct was correct,” said Maj. Thomas Driscoll, Commanding Officer for the Marine Recruiting Station Sacramento. “However, we [will] seize this opportunity to discuss with him how there are different ways to do that in the future.”

The Marine Corps says Valdez-Sarmiento is a recent recruit training graduate and is also an alumnus of Edison High.

Valdez-Sarmiento was touring the Edison High campus and talking with students on Wednesday when the fight broke out. Neither of the students reported any injuries after being separated, the Marine Corps says.

The Stockton Unified School District said they are aware of the incident and are actively investigating the situation.

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  1. Tim Tucker says:

    “Neither of the students reported any injuries after being separated, the Marine Corps says.” This is a lie.

  2. D. Stephens says:

    Good for him. Too many times bad behavior is ignored. Teach your kids how to handle controversy without bullying,hate,violence. Being tackled by a Marine may be what they need to realize their behavior needs to change.

  3. Yvonne Goad says:

    Totally agree with D. Stephens…
    Sick and tired of adults being afraid to correct bad behavior. This is where our violence is coming from. There are no consequences to bad behavior, kids or adults.

  4. UFC 4 ever says:

    what the punk marine do, was not right. he should of stopped the fight by separating the two students, not by giving them a cheap shot that could had injured them If I was the parent if one of them student I would report it or suit the punk. Feeling so tough, why not just break it up. punk as@!!!

    1. Tom says:

      both teenagers were engaged in the use of deadly force, which means the use of any force is legal to break them up in an effort to protect the teenagers from themselves. If the teenagers are injured from the tackle…good…maybe they’ll realize the inherent danger of fighting where a single punch can prove fatal.

      1. Dean says:

        Deadly force? They were slap fighting like little girls. Neck injuries are not pleasant.
        The marine was wrong in the way he handled it.

  5. America has become a nation that worships Effeminate Sodomitical Phagguts.
    It does NOT appreciate when a MAN like this Marine does them a favor.

    Let the Phaggut Nation burn itself into extinction. Now the Marine needs an HIV Test because he touched two of the Phaggut “Kids”.
    Hopefuly the test comes out negative and the Marine learns his lesson: NEVER SERVE A PHAGGUT NATION of weaklings and self-betrayers.

  6. Suzanne Utts says:

    Of course he should have tackled them. It was totally appropriate! Marines are no panty wastes. Nobody who valued their life was going to walk up and say “Hey guys! Let’s talk it out!” The Marine took action. Fight stopped. That should have been the end of the story. Instead simpering fools are questioning how he handled things? He GOT THE JOB DONE!

  7. williwam.forstenberger says:

    So the parents are upset the Marine broke the fight because their darlings could have gotten hurt? After the two chose of their own will to engage in a fight???
    They apparently hold the Marines and the Military, hence everybody else to a higher standard than they hold they own children. Instead of complaining they should be apologizing for having raised undisciplined adults,

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