SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A bloody and bizarre attack on state lawmakers on the Senate floor has one woman facing serious charges.

State Senator Steve Glazer was one of the lawmakers hit with fluid the California Highway Patrol said appears to be blood.

The woman who threw it — 43-year-old Rebecca Dalelio — said it was her own menstrual blood.

“One hit me on the head, covered my suit and my desk,” Glazer said.

Glazer showed photos of the bloody looking drops that hit him while he was sitting at his desk on the Senate floor.

“I have gone through health check-ups to make sure I have not been infected with anything,” he said.

Dalelio is facing assault and vandalism charges for the attack that came as lawmakers were voting on the Senate floor. In recorded audio from Cal Channel, you can hear a woman shout “That’s for the dead babies.”

As the chamber was cleared by the CHP, a video showed Dalelio in a Capitol hallway — surrounded by officers wearing protective gloves — shouting the fluid she allegedly threw is her own menstrual blood.

“My menstrual blood is all over the Senate floor — a representation of the blood of the dead babies,” she said in the video.

The liquid landed on half a dozen state senators including Glazer.

Dalelio is an anti-vaccine activist, although it’s not clear if this particular act was a protest over lawmakers passing more regulations requiring vaccines for children or a protest over a separate issue.

“I certainly hope that she’ll be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for what she has done,” Glazer said.