SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Senate closed out its session tonight outside their chambers after a protester reportedly dumped what authorities believe to be blood onto the senate floor via a feminine hygiene device.

The images on social media were shocking — reports that a protester in the public gallery had dumped red liquid, possibly blood, in a cup onto the senate floor below.

It hit Senator Melissa Hurtado and some senators’ desks. The woman, 43-year-old Rebecca Dalelio who was arrested, reportedly shouted out “That’s for the dead babies.”

Lawmakers immediately pointed to anti-vaccine protesters who have been on the capitol steps this week protesting SB 276 — which is designed to combat fake medical exemptions.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed it into law this week.

Senator Scott Wiener tweeted, “These anti-vaxxers are engaging in criminal behavior. They’ve now repeatedly assaulted senators and are engaging in harassing and intimidating behavior.”

Senator Richard Pan, a pediatrician and author of SB 276, was attacked by an anti-vaccine activist outside the capitol several weeks ago. He condemned the violence that has been escalating in recent weeks saying, “This incident was incited by the violent rhetoric perpetuated by leaders of the anti-vaxx movement. As it escalates, their incidents of violence do as well. This is an attack on the democratic process and an assault on all Californians and must be met with strong condemnation by everyone.”

Jonathan Lockwood is the executive director of the Conscience Coalition. He said: “We do not know who she is and we strongly condemn what happened — that should never happen.”

Anti-vaccine leaders say they have no connection to the woman responsible, although one man said she approached him inside the capitol earlier Friday.

Robert Corona said he noticed the woman and she motioned to speak with him “I kind of leaned into her…got a couple of inches away from her face. And she asked me if I knew if anyone was going to do some weird stuff and if she knew if anybody was going to get loud today.”

Many were saddened the so-called stunt took place before the final vigil honoring children who were injured or deceased.

Sandi Olsen said, “Now we are being overshadowed by something awful and despicable that nobody in this group would condone.”


  1. Dan says:

    These women are a bunch of hypocrites. They say protect our children you are harming or killing them, but abortion is a women’s right. Who are these people?

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