By Anna Giles

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — The cafeteria food isn’t cutting it for some students in Elk Grove.

The principal of Franklin High School sent out an email to parents warning them about students using food delivery services such as UberEats and DoorDash to have their favorite fast food brought to campus.

What’s convenient for the kids has become a headache for the administrators.

“We really just want to discourage this kind of extra burden that’s being brought forward on the school,” said Xanthi Pinkerton, a spokesperson for the Elk Grove School District.

Administrators said Franklin High School office staff are being pulled away from daily duties to handle the food that comes through the door. Administrators said it’s a safety risk for students because it’s difficult to confirm who a delivery driver is and whether they work for a legitimate company.

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Staff often have to call students out of class to ensure the student gets their food.

Sandra Morales, who has two kids in the district, thinks food deliveries should absolutely be allowed. She was not happy to see an email from the school about it.

“I was livid…I was beside myself,” Morales said.

She has a child with peanut allergies at Franklin High and said delivering food to that child is a necessity.

“We’ve tried to hand it through the fence and the security guards will stop you,” Morales said. “If they don’t want us in their office then they need to provide a drop off place that we can bring food to our children so they can eat.”

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Pinkerton said other options are readily available. She said schools offer roughly 20 different options for lunch and even have pizza from Papa Murphys on campus. She said deliveries pose risks staff members don’t want students to take.

When asked about banning these deliveries, Pinkerton said “That’s something we’re not looking at doing. We want to encourage parents to look at other opportunities that are already there at the school site.”

School leaders remind parents that there is a way for them to create an account online to send money to their kids online so they can buy lunch at school.

  1. Bill G says:

    OH NO! You mean I cannot get my sushi delivered any longer? Really? When I was a kid we had maybe 3 choices at school and would generally bring a thing called a sandwich, coke, and chips with us for lunch. A coke? A soda? OMG NO! How did we ever survive???

    This is exactly why our society is going to hell in a hand basket. Instead of simply saying “no” you cannot have food delivered, they “suggest” it not happen due to safety risks and time spent by school employees who have far more important work to do surrounding educating our kids! But no, they don’t want to “upset” anyone of course. These kids are so fragile. The downfall of our country. The left and these young fragile people who expect everything to be handed to them and to get their way every time. And school districts afraid of their own shadows. God forbid we upset Sandra Morales! Our country has fallen so far so fast. How sad.

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