GRANITE BAY (CBS13) – An infant has been mauled to death by a family dog in Granite Bay.

Deputies responded to a home in Granite Bay just after 3 p.m. Friday after the dog, a pit bull, attacked and mauled a 13-month old baby boy, according to a Placer County Sheriff’s Department statement.

The child was at home with a family member when the child was attacked. They were able to get the dog away from the child and call 911. The child was then rushed to Roseville Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Placer County Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Scott said there doesn’t appear to be signs of negligence on the part of the family member, which wasn’t the boy’s parent, and that the dog’s attack was unprovoked.

The dog is described as a nine-year-old pit bull. It’s currently with animal control and hasn’t been put down.

Detectives from the Crimes Against Persons (CAP) Unit are said to be investigating the incident.

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  1. Terry Huffman says:

    Based on the existing statistics, you are a fool to trust or allow a Pit Bull in your household, let alone near a toddler. It is often commented that “any dog is capable of being aggressive”, and yet Pit Bulls and their variants kill children, adults, and elderly more than all other dogs combined.Almost all of the 300+ other breeds have never killed a human being. Choose wisely.

    1. Mandy Varona says:

      I am grateful to read so many comments from so many people who understand the dangers these dogs pose. Maybe yours won’t attack but maybe it will and it’s entirely unpredictable and when it comes, it will likely be deadly. They should all be banned or muzzled in public at least.

  2. Gini Barrett says:

    It is NOT HOW YOU RAISE THEM. Labs chase balls. Australian Shepherds herd. Pointers point. Bloodhounds follow scents. Pits, of all types, kill. That is what they were created for and bred for. Yes, many make good pets. But no one – absolutely no one – can predict which ones will trigger and attack, when or why. More than half the fatalities are by loved family pets who “never showed any aggression before.” With pits, the first “bite” is often fatal.

  3. Noma Sydiotas says:

    What a horrible way to learn that blood sport/fighting breed dogs are working dogs bred for a specific job and should never be kept as a pets.
    Weren’t Kissyface and Beau Rutledge this exact scenario? Some people live in a state of denial.
    100% preventable death. No one protected this baby, but they’ll always know they could have and should have.

  4. Warren Hart says:

    Poor dog. There’s no telling what horrors it went through in it’s miserable life to make it behave in such a manor. So many pit bulls get passed around when the owners grow tired of them or seriously neglected and abused them to make them mean and vicious. I bet the owners know the dogs history and I bet it wasn’t very pleasant.

    1. Suzan Clark says:

      Warren, they raised it from a puppy, it is spoiled..she (the dog) even has her own instagram account! They are ‘born that way’.

  5. William C. Meadows says:

    Having a Pit-bull in the house or even owning one while having children around should be outlawed. Most states will not rent or lease to anyone having a pit-bull. They are dangerous to the max. It’s not if but when they will turn on you or one of your family. There is a different article everyday about a pit-bull either killing one of the family of attacking another pet. Its like having a python loose in your home with 3 or 4 babies in cribs.

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