By Rick Boone

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento McDonald’s is going to extremes to curb outside loitering. It’s playing a loud, strange sound on speakers outside the restaurant.

The property at 30th and K streets appears to be a popular homeless hangout site.

The siren is intended to annoy and reduce the number of people standing around the outside entrance, but some people aren’t going anywhere.

According to the city, the sound levels are legal.

The effort to clear out homeless loitering could backfire. Some McDonald’s customers tell us they’ll just eat a much quieter location.

“It’s going to keep me away from the drive thru,” said one customer.

The owner/operator of the restaurant texted CBS13 saying: “Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our customers and employees. We’ve been working with Sacramento police to discourage loitering outside of our restaurants. We welcome anyone inside for an enjoyable dining experience.”

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  1. Eileen Lucia Grossman Kephart says:

    HOMELESSNESS IS NOT A CRIME!!! But the way the homeless are being constantly demonized by the city and news outlets of Sacramento is unconscionable, and it constitutes criminally negligent treatment of a very vulnerable group of people. In our worsening economy, those who demonize the homeless one day may become homeless the next. I love Karmic retribution.

    1. A Smith says:

      “Worsening economy”? The unemployment rate is at an all time low. The homeless are unemployable because of drugs, mental illness, or because they choose to be.

      1. Freeland_Dave says:

        So you recognize it’s a mental problem, and I agree. But didn’t you people in CA legalize drugs to contribute to the problem? If a homeless illegal on drugs wanted help would you give it to him the way you do and leave your own citizens on the streets without help? So compassionate of you.

    2. Kitcha says:

      Well, well Eileen Lucia Grossman Kephart, I have a great solution that should make you very happy! We will get a big bus, put all the homeless on that bus, give them all tents and supplies and come drop them off on YOUR front porch. They can set up tents and homes all over in front of your house, and if you open your back yard gate, they can set up in your back yard too.

      They can accost you every single time you go in and out of your home, and they can accost your children on their way to school. I guess you and your neighbors can clean up the pee and poop all over the neighborhood. I guess you cal also video tape the drug deals for the police as well as all the other crimes they commit.

      Add to that the crime that will go up for you and your neighbors, people breaking into your homes stealing your belongings…

      This is the PERFECT SOLUTION for you and your lib friends… But ALAS like you libs aways say and do, you want these people not to be bothered, but you don’t want them in YOUR BACKYARD.

      1. Scott Evans says:

        You’ve described my neighborhood perfectly. You should’ve seen Studio City just ten years ago. Not the same. Not good, as the President has correctly observed.

    3. Ed Cortes says:

      I believe that the term “homeless” is degrading and discriminate against a specific class people. I believe they should be referred to as “domicile-challenged”.

    4. Tressel Burnes says:

      I don’t know about your neck of the woods, our local Safeway had a very nice lounge area where you could sit and enjoy a meal, work with your laptop or just a nice stopping point. It was well lit and close to restrooms if needed.
      Want to guess what eventually happened? That’s right, the homeless found it. “camping out” at the tables, using the restrooms to “clean-up”. The stench emanating from said bathrooms was horrid. To Safeway’s credit they eventually remolded that area, too little to late. I refuse to shop at that Safeway. That’s the Homeless Industrial Complex at work.

    5. jj says:

      Homelessness isn’t a crime, but loitering is and that’s the problem here numnuts. Apparently it’s a real problem here not being properly addressed by police, thus the extreme measures.

      1. Bunson Honeydew says:

        This one’s easy. Barney’s I Love You song. Play it over and over again. 24/7. It worked on Kahlid Sheik Mohamed so I bet it works on these people.

    6. Ross says:

      Night sticks and batons will cure the squattering loiterer’s failings. xxoo

    7. Jeff Mason says:

      Homelessness is not a crime but trespassing on private property, defecating on the sidewalk, harassing people for money and doing drugs sure are. McDonalds has a right to the peaceful use of its property for its commercial purposes and its use by its customers.

  2. Kevin Dart says:


    Karma doesn’t exist. If it did, then why are there people who do evil there whole life and never get held accountable? Reject the false eastern religions, as they are lies. Jesus is the truth.

  3. exterminate all liberals and their third world feral pets says:

    Eileen Lucia Grossman Kephart aka subhuman liberal dumb CU NT!

    1. LeavingCASoon says:

      Agree, 100%, They love the Vagrants, crime, Feces and syringes in the streets. They love a borderless U.S. bringing in the worst uneducable 3rd world Vermin, gangs that torture and kill kids, , that want to rape your wife, daughters, and take your things. Life long welfare, while processing such venomous hatred for the racist U.S Leftist want others to be preyed upon, but they move quickly to the richest of “White” neighborhoods, highest walls, and children sent to Private Schools, Away from the 3rd worlders and Feral monstrous youth in public schools. Leftist will experience their own deaths soon, as they vote on policies to escalate her decline into lawlessness and chaos.

  4. Florida Jim says:

    Homelessness in Democratic hellholes is endemic and Democrats are to be blame this is how America will look everywhere unless President Trump is reelected in 2020. Democrats want Marxism and full control just as Stalin did . America is heading towards chaos under Democrats just as Cuba,Seattle,Denver, San Francisco and every hellhole in america all because of corrupt Democrats and brainwashing in all schools from preschool to phony Gender/Diversity PHD’s. Democrats own slavery they have abused blacks and immigrants since 1665.

  5. Sgt. Butts says:

    Expect this to increase as ever more millions of 3rd worlders come here, and displace Americans who are caught in poverty. Oh and BUILD THE WALL ALREADY!

  6. Mark Pfeifer says:

    Wrong approach with speakers. Several years ago the downtown Dallas McDonald’s had a similar problem with the homeless and they started playing Mozart and classical music over their outside speakers and lo and behold – it actually worked. Not rap music but rather classical tunes
    and the homeless quickly scattered..

  7. Joseph Powell says:

    This problem revolves around democrats refusing to enforce the law, plain & simple.
    Enforce immigration law and 3 million criminal immigrants leave California freeing up low end housing for those on the lower end of the economic scale.
    Enforce vagrancy laws and there won’t be ‘encampments’.
    Enforce drug laws and the junkys will not be shooting up in plain sight of the police.
    Just enforce the dam law before the public starts to solve these problems, which will happen eventually.

    1. Freeland_Dave says:

      Wow, imagine that.Someone that clearly sees the problem. Sad that few others today see it. Good post.

  8. Freeland_Dave says:

    In CA, electronically reproduced sound in a city where the sound can be heard off the property is a violation of sound ordinances and is illegal. How lie CA to violate it’s own laws as they violate illegal alien laws to take care of illegal aliens and ignore and harass their own homeless US citizens living on the street.

  9. Warrior of GOD says:

    First off, you idiots in CA brought this upon yourselves….Second off, you’re a bunch of morons! You invite illegals into your state, you allow third world diseases to come in as well as allow homeless to get out of control……..

  10. Freeland_Dave says:

    Just what you want to hear while eating at McDonald’s, sirens going off all the time. Bet the neighboring businesses like it as well.
    With the money a McDonald’s rakes in on their cheap food at high prices, they could hire security guards to roust out homeless trespasser’s.
    Use to work in Oakland CA and that is exactly what many businesses there did. Guess what? It worked.
    Give homeless citizens the help they need and if you have anything left then perhaps you can give illegal aliens who criminally enter our nation a free ride.
    Why does it appear that the Left in CA are so stupidly hypocritical?

  11. Alan Mckenzie says:

    Why not just trespass them from your property and then when they come back, call the cops and have them arrested each and every time. They are not likely to come back again, they will go somewhere else.

    In fact, we should make a list of bleeding heart types that own businesses (there must be at least one or two, right?) and then, when they are released from jail, just give them a little booklet showing the ‘homeless friendly’ businesses. Oh yeah, I like that one!!

  12. LBS says:

    My best friend and his family live in Sac, now that the homeless are cleared out I might grab a #1 from that McDonalds (Big Mac, Fries and drink). Who cares about the siren as long as it keeps the disgusting drugged out losers away.

  13. Jerry Seinfeld says:

    FACT: Democrat-controlled cities are sh*tholes.
    This is what will happen to the rest of the country if Democrats will assume control. Remember Americans: you were forewarned!

  14. James Busse says:

    Sprinklers work better. The city or state needs to place the homeless where they can be helped. Asylums, for instance. To work picking fruit, cleaning up trash, stacking brush etc. There are all kinds of things they can do to earn a place to stay. They should not be able to camp out in normal areas. We all owe each other the respect of a clean area populated with people who don’t abuse others.

    1. Sara says:

      It’s a wonderful idea, but OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) laws would immediately put a stop to it. If not that, some other law because you can’t MAKE someone work a job they don’t want for food and shelter (and mental or drug therapy). Plus, there are “gangs” of “homeless people” who stand on street corners with kids or pets and ask for money and then go home to their nice $500,000 houses and $50,000 cars. These “gangs” make more money per hour standing on the street corners than most low income families do working two-three jobs. It’s called “working the (Democrat) system”.

  15. Tom Dockery says:

    The banks are keeping millions of vacant homes off of the markets,keeping prices high for all owners.You won’t Warren-a house flipper-or Sanders mention this!!!

  16. Dennis Dunn says:


    In Atlanta the United Way insisted they could end homeless problem. They learned that most of the homeless mostly wanted to be left alone.

  17. j. Williams says:

    I was working with a religious group that was feeding the homeless for over a year, before we quit. We found nearly all of the homeless have enough money to pay rent — from welfare, social security disability, etc — but they would rather put the money into alcohol and drugs. The alcohol and drugs also typically keep them from getting help from relatives.
    When the government gives money, if they gave it in the form of a housing voucher, it might help.

  18. Joe Dutra says:

    I could be homeless tomorrow if I chose to be. I choose not.

  19. Mothra says:

    Looks like a typical liberal chithole.

  20. Chris says:

    Are flamethrowers permitted in that city?

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