By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A proposed ban of certain businesses along a blighted corridor of Stockton Boulevard in Sacramento is drawing pushback from the business district.

The city of Sacramento wants to outlaw auto service shops and car washes in an effort to make the area more pedestrian-friendly. A recent count found 100 empty lots within the Stockton Boulevard business district.

The Stockton Boulevard Partnership is trying to promote the area as business-friendly and is opposing the ban.

“We want to show companies that come into our corridor, that yes, ‘we are open for business,'” said Stockton Boulevard Partnership Executive Director Frank Louie.

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Quick Quack Car wash has filed an application to build a new location on Stockton Boulevard, with promises that 80 percent of its employees would be hired from the neighborhood. It would be unable to open if the ban passes.

“Here is a company that is willing to make a two-and-a-half million dollar investment on our commercial corridor,” Louie said. “We gotta be happy, we gotta be proud.”

Sacramento city leaders proposing the auto-service business ban want to make a more pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.

Councilmember Eric Guerra backs the ban.

He pulled out his cell phone to show how many Stockton Boulevard auto businesses are already open.

“Look at that,” Guerra said. “So as soon as you pop up auto services on Stockton Boulevard, all the red pops up. So how much more do you need?”

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Guerra says the empty Stockton Boulevard lots need to be held onto for housing.

“If we allow the low-hanging fruit to come on to Stockton Boulevard then we’ll go back to the past,” Guerra said.

“We have to be able to come together and find some middle ground,” Louie said.

The business district is seeking a compromise.

The city council is set to vote on the business ban next week.


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