by Rick Boone

GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) — PG&E public safety power shutoffs left more than 24,000 customers without power Monday night.

The utility said they shut off the power to ensure their lines do not spark wildfire during dry, Red Flag conditions.

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On Monday, the shutoffs affected customers in Butte, Nevada and Yuba Counties.

Some customers were angry that their power loss affected their water wells.

“We lost our power, so we have no well, no lights, no gas, we can’t do anything,” says a Penn Valley neighbor.

Residents were furious PG&E did not help them with generators to keep their water wells on. They said even a few hours off is serious.

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“[I’m] just upset of how PG&E is handling everything they do,” a resident said.

The forced power shutoff is to cut down the risk of sparking wildfires, all due to the dry vegetation. The expected outages could last for hours into days.

Another shutoff could affect more customers in neighboring counties Tuesday evening, depending on the weather. PG&E said they will make a decision about further shutoffs late Tuesday morning.


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