SAN JOSE (AP) — Authorities say a Missouri man is suspected of flying to California and lighting multiple fires by throwing flaming pieces paper from his rental car onto grassy foothills in the Bay Area.

The East Bay Times reports Wednesday that Freddie Graham allegedly ignited more than a dozen fires in a 24-hour span last weekend near Milpitas.

Santa Clara County prosecutors say the 68-year-old was arrested while returning the car at San Jose airport thanks to a witness who wrote down the license plate.

It wasn’t immediately known if he has an attorney. Graham, of Lone Jack, Missouri, has been arraigned on 15 arson-related charges. He’s held on $500,000 bail.

Graham has no connection to California and it’s not known why he started the fires or why he targeted the Bay Area.

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  1. Charisse Lolli says:

    No Bail! No Release! That’s attempted murder of thousands!

  2. Claire Rose says:

    Gee I wonder what could have inspired him? I don’t know , but people are saying….

  3. Michael Martin says:

    I can almost guarantee he is one of those crazy ass trump cult followers with hate for liberals! I mean the asshat is from the backwater deep red state of Missouri flying to the most liberal state to set fires, Not exactly brain surgery to figure that out.Mark my words, just more of the hate monger in the White House instigating his pawns by his hate rhetoric.

  4. Lourie Nolan says:

    We Missourians who are not rabid Trumpers sincerely apologize for allowing our raging lunatics to wander out of our pitiful Red State. We have been trying to sedate them all… but the “powers that be” can’t afford to lose them at the ballot box.

  5. B C Macy says:

    This idiot is typical of the residents of Missouri, the majority of whom voted for the moron in the White House today.

  6. Gus diZerega says:

    Life in prison is the only appropriate punishment.

  7. Terry Lynn Bradford says:

    Obviously a Trumpanzee.

  8. Brandon Jay Sturtevant says:

    It does seem that a common trait shared among Chumpanzees is a desire to end the world! That was the purpose in electing him, it’s Chump’s job as far as they are concerned. Strange days

  9. Lee Sargeant says:

    A lot of hateful comments about a whole group of people for one bad guy’s doing. Seems they project their own hate!

    1. Lee Sargeant says:

      I should add that this article doesn’t say anything about the person’s background so the assumption that he was anything other than a nut job is rather hypocritical. Nowhere does it say his political leanings, but if this news source wants to be credible – maybe it might have posted something about his mental state like this news source did:

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