By Ryan Hill

ORANGEVALE (CBS13) — Letters, ads, and boxes are a familiar sight to Andy Rendon. On one Friday in May, he says he saw something he’d never seen on his mail route.

“I looked up and I did double-takes. I saw blonde hair running in between cars and I was like, ‘Oh, wow!'” Rendon said.

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That blonde hair belonged to Braxton, who had just made a beeline away from his grandfather, running into the middle of Central Avenue.

“Andy was passing by, turned his postal vehicle in such a manner that he was able to prevent any traffic from going through. So, he averted a potential tragedy,” Max Williams said.

Williams says he’ll keep a keener eye on his grandson.

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“I now appreciate that you have to watch him like a hawk,” Williams said. “Especially in important areas where he could get into trouble.”

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Williams tells CBS13 he didn’t get Andy’s name once he helped save Braxton. He called the post office because Williams felt Rendon’s actions deserved recognition.

Rendon received a letter of praise from the National Letter Carriers Association and the Postmaster General.

“It’s huge because it not given out too often,” Rendon said.

Braxton got a gift as well, his own letter carrier uniform. Rendon says he’s willing to train him when Braxton wants to put on the cap.

“If he wants to, I’ll be around,” Rendon said.

Williams said that path could be in books for his grandson.

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“Who knows. We have big plans for him. Maybe he’ll become Post Master General,” Williams said.