DAVIS (CBS13) — People at the Blue Max Kart Club said Saturday went from a casual day at the go-kart track on Country Road 102 in Davis into something unforgettable.

“A lot of people were in shock and they were running into the building,” Greg Yannazzo said.

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The National Weather Service said that the tower of twisting wind and dust that touched down on a nearby field was, in fact, a tornado.

“I’ve been in California my whole life and I’ve never experienced a tornado or any weather system like that ever,” Don Delia said.

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The folks at the track said there was a gripping chill that hit the air and the storm hit.

“We’re holding all of the tents down. We’re getting pelted with hail. You know, it was just like complete Armageddon for a while,” Delia said.

Delia and others said they were glad once the tornado began to veer away from them. Many said they didn’t have as much fear once they saw this happen.

Tom Nolan and his girlfriend Shasta Fields wanted to be near the twister’s path.

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“Yeah, it just picked up. That was insane. So, we just kind of thought to go for it,” Nolan said, with Fields adding, “This is the type of stuff you see on the weather channel, like storm stories.”

Nolan said he started filming on his cell phone out of pure excitement. But, Fields said she saw something that made her realize this cell was something they shouldn’t mess around with.

“Because I was thinking how heavy is a hay bail? How heavy am I? Is this thing going to pick me up and take me away?” Fields said.

That’s when she made the call to get out of dodge.

“He was the one screaming, ‘This is awesome,’ and I was the one screaming, ‘Drive as fast as you possibly can. We’re gonna die,’ ” Fields said.

Still, they know this tornado is something they’ll remember for as long as they live.

“That magnitude, that energy that comes with those kinds of storms, it’s weird seeing it. Like, I grew up here. It’s weird seeing in my backyard,” Nolan said.

The couple says they’ll continue to be on the hunt for storms as frightening as the tornado was.

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“Oh absolutely! I think we’re so hooked on it. Because if you know what you’re doing and know where the storm is and where it’s going, you’re generally going to be safe,” Nolan said.