DAVIS (CBS13) – The National Weather Service is taking a closer look at the tornado that touched down near Davis over the weekend.

A survey team confirmed that the tornado, which hit around 6:40 p.m. Saturday near County Road 102, was an EF-0.

Winds are estimated to have been about 68-74 mph, NWS says. The tornado eventually dissipated around 6:55 p.m.

People who were at the Blue Max Kart Club on Saturday got a front row seat to the tornado. People at the track reported feeling a gripping chill just before the tornado touched down.

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“We’re holding all of the tents down. We’re getting pelted with hail. You know, it was just like complete Armageddon for a while,” Don Delia said.

No damage was found, but surveyors did note that giant tumbleweeds did get lifted into the air.

The tornado tracked over fields that had already been harvested, NWS says.

A small orchard was also hit near the end of the tornado’s track. Some trees were bent over, but surveyors said nothing was broken off.


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