by Rob Malcolm

CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) — A disabled man in Citrus Heights has made it his mission to feed the homeless — one bag at a time.

He pays for the goods out of his own pocket but says it’s all worth it for those in need.

Alfred Sanchez says he couldn’t look away from Sacramento’s homeless problem.

“Hunger’s a big motivator, so I come out and give people just enough snacks to get ’em through the morning and maybe cheer ’em up a little bit,” Sanchez said.

For close to two years, he’s been rising early to make his rounds through Citrus Heights on his motorized scooter, delivering ziplock bags of snacks, juice, and dry goods to whoever needs it. He knows them and they know him.

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“He hasn’t given up on anybody out here and that’s pretty inspiring like that gives me energy,” Greg Hernandez said.

The view from the scooter provides a window to another world from these sidewalks and streets, he’s become street smart.

“You learn things like do’s and don’ts, like don’t wake anybody up,” Sanchez said.

Around every corner, he never knows what to expect.

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“It’s not safe, it’s not safe to be out here. You’ve got people sleeping right there. Anybody could come up on you, there’s no water, no toilet,” Sanchez said.

The Snack Man will spend $80 to $140 monthly to help out.

“Every now and then, Sunrise Ministry will call me and they got some stuff and I’ll get sporadic donations,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez also hands out cards with contacts for navigation centers. He also carries a whistle to blow if he sees someone in distress.


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