By Marissa Perlman

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Converted school buses, known as Skoolies, are a growing trend on the West Coast. Many say they are called to build a cozy tiny home on wheels.

One Sacramento man is saying the county is shutting down his goal to take his own skoolie on the road, calling his renovated bus “bad for the neighborhood.”

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John Fuller has been transforming this skoolie outside of his Sacramento home for about six months. Now the county is forcing him to take a backseat, saying it’s illegal to keep it on his property. They’re forcing him to shut the door on his dreams of taking his tiny home on the road.

Fuller has been battling with the county to keep his skoolie on scene. He says skoolies are a growing trend along the West Coast.

“A lot of people are using them as tiny homes,” Fuller said. “At the drop of a hat, I could drive across the country if I want to.”

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If you tour his Sacramento neighborhood, you’ll see plenty of RVs parked at homes, including one belonging to Joan Paytan. She says she’s a big fan, but other neighbors don’t see this as an RV and tipped off code enforcement.

“I can understand the neighbors are a little concerned with that sitting in the driveway,” Paytan said.

The county said they got a report the bus had been there for months, didn’t run, wasn’t registered and was covered in a thick layer of dirt.

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Fuller says that’s all not true. He received a courtesy violation from the county which says his skoolie is not a motor home and it’s illegal to park on his property. Sacramento County Code Enforcement said the converted bus is considered a commercial vehicle and must be parked elsewhere.

Fuller said he made sure to “remove every piece of evidence it was a commercial vehicle” by taking off the school district and school bus lettering.

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Despite the work he put in, including registering the bus with the DMV as a motorhome, the county says, “Mr. Fuller’s bus was built to be a bus, and while he may have repainted it and taken the seats out, it still looks like a bus and the county still considers this to be a bus.

So now Fuller is fresh out of a place to park.

“Maybe if I paid someone to convert my skoolie it would be okay,” he said.

Fuller said he does not want to put any more time or money into the motor home because he’s not going to be allowed to keep it.

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At last check, the county gave him one month to remove it from his property.