by Rob Malcolm

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A Stockton high school is trying to prevent more Friday night fights after a game-day brawl two weeks ago.

Bear Creek High has revamped security to make sure the battle between schools stays on the field.

Administrators at Bear Creek say they’ve learned from the past and football fans will notice the new changes when they walk through the front entrance.

It was a big night of football at Podesto Field as Bear Creek hosted Chavez Friday. But what happened on the field two weeks ago is still on the minds of many.

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“It was sad very sad, obviously, it was a rough situation a couple of weeks ago,” Athletic Director Jason Johnson said.

The home game between Lincoln and Bear Creek ended with 11 arrests, including seven juveniles as fights broke out in the first quarter. Parents and students were involved in the melee.

“The majority were people who came, who just seemed to have an attitude that anything goes, and that’s not who we are at Bear Creek,” Principal Hillary Harrell said.

Johnson said despite the fan, the responsibility to keep everyone safe lies with the school.

“But it’s our school, and ultimately the buck stops here and were responsible for creating a safe environment,” Johnson said.

With that in mind, Principal Harrell promises the last three home games of the season will be much safer.

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Those new security measures start right when you walk into the game, where there are now two entrances — one for Bear Creek and another for fans of the visiting team, with a new barricade in place to keep the two sides separated.

All attendees must also wear color-coded wristbands to make sure no one sneaks over to the other side. Students not accompanied by an adult must be from the two schools playing and show a physical ID card to get into the game.

“Additionally we’ll have six officers working tonight including a sergeant from Stockton PD,” Harrell said.

The measures went over well with fans wanting to enjoy Friday Night Football.

“I think what they put in place has brought the teams together and created a safe environment for everyone,” Janet Ford said.

“It’s good for the parents, the students, a lot safer for them,” George Negrete said.

The school has talked about the idea of using wands or metal detectors, but that is a question of costs and who would be most qualified to do it.

Bear Creek won the game on Friday 21-19 over Chavez.


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