by Rick Boone

AUBURN (CBS13) — They are no stranger to Tahoe or the Foothills, but now bears are coming out in the residential areas of Auburn.

On Saturday, a bear destroyed a residential chicken coop in Auburn, eating the family pets.

“It was kind of a chicken massacre and these were our pets,” says Auburn resident Crystal Seal.

It ate almost every chicken, only one chick survived. The family says they treated the birds like family.

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“It was horrible, they smashed the glass, they went in for the eggs, they took all the chickens,” says Crystal.

Just hours later, about three miles away, another bear walked down an Auburn street during the middle of the day past neighbors.

Placer County Deputies say the bears are leaving the mountains and going to lower elevations looking for food before hibernation. Most are getting food from trash cans but in some cases, they’re attacking live prey.

Deputies say if you see a bear, use common sense don’t try to approach them.


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