MODESTO (CBS13) – Police say a man has died after he was attacked by two pit bulls in Modesto.

The incident happened Monday morning along Village Road.

Modesto police say officers responded to help with a medical call after a man was found in a home bleeding and not breathing. The 21-year-old man was soon pronounced dead by medics at the scene.

Investigators believe the man was attacked by two pit bulls owned by the homeowner. Police say the 21-year-old man was visiting and stayed the night with the owner’s permission, but exactly what led up to him being attacked by the pit bulls is unclear.

Both dogs have been placed into quarantine.

Detectives are treating the incident as a suspicious death, police say, and an autopsy is scheduled soon for the man.

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  1. LightsOn says:

    Why quarantine the maulers? They killed him, who cares if they have rabies. They need to take a dirt nap now

  2. C.L. Eng says:

    “… but exactly what led up to him being attacked by the pit bulls is unclear.” Not clear? It is perfectly clear. These are pit bull animals. Killing people is a natural function of the pit bull.

    1. gary young says:

      Dead man..chewed to death..pitbulls…case closed..not raised right..? They are’s DNA not how you raise them…sweet as can be until they go careful with these bully dogs..

  3. johnvanmunster says:


  4. Cathy Jarvis says:

    After my dog was mauled by three of these “nanny dog fur babies”(the owner was an even nastier, massively stupid creature that should be sterilized, leashed and muzzled along with her dogs) I have taken to carrying bear spray and a buck knife. If one of these fighting dogs ever again latches onto my best friend and starts with the hold, shake, tear and render GENETIC behaviour that was SELECTIVELY bred into them by KNUCKLE DRAGGING MORONS I will cheerfully kill it.

  5. Keiser Soze says:

    police investigating? what a joke , next you are going to hear about the 100 dollar fine the pit owner is given for failure to control their dogs , psychopath pit owners get away with murder everytime.

  6. AshDay says:

    There have been multiple human deaths by pit bull just in the last few days: Tennessee, Virginia, Granite Bay CA, etc. It gets difficult to keep up. Mandatory large fines and jail time should be automatic. If you choose a gun for protection and you go off and shoot some innocent person, you will be liable. If you choose a pit bull for your protection and it goes off and mauls someone, it should be no different, you SHOULD be held responsible.

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