SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Widespread power shutoffs across Northern California have residents in Sacramento and Roseville wondering if their power will be impacted.

There is always a chance since power grids are connected, but SMUD and Roseville Electric customers should not be affected this week.

If PG&E shuts off a major transmission line, it could impact other utilities downstream. However, both Roseville Electric and SMUD said they have backup power sources, and because we’re not in the peak summer energy period, there should be plenty of other power to grab from to make up for losses from PG&E-fed lines.

On their website, Roseville Electric said, “The PG&E shutoff expected later this week to customers in nearly 30 California counties will not impact Roseville Electric Utility and our customers. We are connected to a different section of the power grid and receive our power from Roseville’s own generation resources and sources other than PG&E.”

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Roseville and SMUD are in more urban areas, which means more of their power lines are buried underground. SMUD said 60% of their lines are buried and in Roseville, 80% is underground.

Additionally, SMUD said its lines are rated for much higher winds than are forecasted during this Red Flag Warning.

So, neither utility is worried about fire danger Wednesday, despite concerns from PG&E.


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