By Anna Giles

AUBURN (CBS13) — In Placer County alone, PG&E estimates there are more than 50,000 customers without power.

Many people in Auburn are dealing with these mandatory shutoffs for the first time.

Old Town Auburn had power as of early Wednesday evening. But on the other side of town, about a half-mile away, the power was off.

“Sorry, we’re closed” signs were all over the downtown Auburn area.

“It looks like a ghost town. I pulled in down by Bel Air and it was kind of eery,” said Joy Anton, an Auburn resident.

No power got Anton out of work today. But she spent her time off trying to save her food.

“I thought ‘ok I guess I’ll go get ready to get some ice and a couple other things’ and then finding ice was a trip. Everybody’s out of ice,” Anton said.

Lin Jacobs tried to get into CVS, but it was closed.

“I just want a lantern. I’m from Michigan I’m not used to this,” Jacobs said.

She’s lives in an apartment that houses a lot of seniors.

“We’re just working together. it really has been all the seniors working together,” she said.

Thousands of people remain without power in Auburn, hoping it comes back on as soon as possible.

“The biggest one for me is no TV. The bottom line is that’s my comfort and the dog doesn’t know what to do she just keeps sitting in my lap,” Jacobs said.


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