by Rick Boone

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A sign about black men posted at a Sacramento-area college caused some deep racial tension on campus.

The sign read: “Masculine Black Men; Check Your Male Privilege Before Entering.”

Sign posted at American River College singles out black male students; warns them to check their privilege from Sacramento

Some students say the sign is part of a long list of racist acts at their school.

“We should not have to tolerate this thing,” Alexandra Paige said.

Some American River College students say they’re fed up with racism on campus.

“I’ve been attacked over here, and I’ve been judged over here, and accused stealing over there and I am an American River College senator,” Paige said.

They say the latest attack was with this sign about black men that was posted in an office window in the school’s Unity and Diversity Safe Place.

“We definitely regret the wording,” ARC Dean Joshua Johnson said.

ARC officials did not reveal who put up the sign but said it was meant to promote an upcoming discussion group about race. The campus didn’t remove the sign, stating since black students posted the sign, then it’s okay.

“We apologize for that and the damage that it was done to the community, that made black men feel that they were unwelcome,” Johnson said.

Many black students at ARC told CBS13 the sign comes just days after “White Lives Matter” was written on a bathroom wall, and several black students reported they were mistreated by white students.

The community college’s president insists he hears students’ concerns and vows to calm fears.

“Their perspective is valid, their experiences that they have are valid and they are frustrated,” ARC President Thomas Green said.

He says he wants to build bridges to better connect his students’ multi-racial backgrounds and rip down walls to divide them.

“What is it our students need? And what do our facility and staff need? What kind of support can this institution provide?” Green said.

It’s a plan black students hope can work fast enough to stop the next possible racial incident on campus.

“Our fight is to no longer sweep these things under the rug,” Paige said.

ARC removed the racially-charged sign Thursday night.

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  1. What country are you idiots living in, seriously? BLACK privilege?! To get shot, lynched, vilified by the media..I ask ask again what country are you idiots living in?

    1. m. radant says:

      Black privilege? Let’s see welfare, Affirmative Action, set asides, government jobs where blacks are a high% like the Post Office and VA. Huge amounts of black crime, huge amounts of social problems caused by blacks, high STD rates, high illegitimate rates, etc…. All on the backs of white taxpayers!

      1. Charles says:

        m. radant Where do I start why the lies you just told. You’re in no position to talk about the social problems in Black society when your community is high on opioids, meth & heroine, committing mass shootings, pedophilia, the majority of the cop killers, the rise in single motherhood, etc, etc, etc. The reason Blacks are mostly employed at the Post Office & the VA is because the private sector hasn’t been historically kind to Black people. White women stole Affirmative Action back in the 1970s, White women & Immigrants stole the set asides that were supposed to go to Blacks. Welfare programs originated in the White community. Thank you for being a vile, disgusting, die in the wool, wicked, lying, racist.

  2. jermaine deshawn mcleod says:

    why are the deflecting this as a racial issue or hate crime ?
    clearly this was a gay black women who posted this and now no one wants to come forward

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