DAVIS (CBS13) – Police in Davis are trying to catch the suspects behind a recent string of armed robberies and find out if any of the incidents are related.

Since late September, the Davis Police Department says there have been five armed robberies across the city. In each case, the suspect or suspects approached someone walking on the street, threatened them with a handgun, then robbed them.

Cellphones, computers and wallets have been among the property taken.

Each robbery has happened in a different part of Davis:

  1. September 19th/ Mace Blvd at the I-80 Overpass (South Davis)
  2. September 20th/ Russell Blvd in close proximity to State Highway 113 (West Davis)
  3. September 27th/ Area of 880 Alvarado (North Davis)
  4. October 5th/ Area of Villanova Drive and Sycamore Lane (North Davis)
  5. October 8th/Area of Reed Drive and Rutgers Drive (Central Davis)

A visiting professor at UC Davis was robbed in the Sept. 20 incident. Years of valuable scientific research data was stolen.

Police say they chased the suspects after the Oct. 5 incident, but were unable to catch them. Officers did recover the vehicle and gun used in that robbery, however. One suspect in that incident has been identified, police say, and is now being sought by detectives.

Still, investigators are trying to determine if any or all of the incidents are linked.

Only vague descriptions of the suspects has been given in each incident.

Officers urge the community to stay vigilant and take steps to prevent themselves from becoming a victim.


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