PLACERVILLE (CBS13) — It’s the second night for thousands in our area still without power. This as PG&E responds to the Governor’s harsh criticism about the planned power outages.

Coyote Harkins said, “No power-this is getting old. We just lost all the food in the fridge and now we are just winging it.“

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Dinner on the BBQ was in the works at many homes in Placerville on Thursday.

“I’m going home to grill some tri-tip cause I bought more than enough,” Neil Fruzzo said.

Two days in the dark meant gas stations were closed and shopping centers shuttered. One Camp Fire survivor who didn’t want to be identified worried about the long term effects.

“How many people are going to die because of not having their medical needs met that are stuck at home?“ he said.

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Not only were customers fed up, but the governor is as well-saying, PG&E’s mismanagement led to power shutoff. In response, a PG&E spokesperson says they certainly understand the frustration.

“But this program is all about safety and reducing our risk of wildfires across our service area,” PG&E spokesperson Brandi Merlo said. “We chose to turn off the power in the interest of public safety due to the forecasts we saw from our meteorological team.”

PG&E encourages customers to have an emergency plan in place especially for those with medical needs.

“Because we are not just talking about a shut off where we tell people in advance. We are talking about natural disasters, wildfires and earthquakes,” said Merlo.

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Merlo says restoring power takes time. Approximately 6,300 field personnel are inspecting lines in 34 counties via helicopter, vehicle and by foot. Inspections are only done during the daylight hours.