By Marissa Perlman

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A young boy trekked more than two miles alone to the Cap City Freeway Thursday night.

Just before 7:30 Officer Arthur Pichanusakorn with CHP South Sacramento got the call — there was a boy walking alone, about 10 years old, along the freeway.

The officer went on high alert. “It’s not something you see every day, and you want to make sure because it’s a child, and you want to make sure they’re safe,” said Pichanusakorn.

It was dark, and the cars were moving quickly.

“I slowed down quite a bit, turned on my emergency lights and high beams to light up the freeway, and I saw him walking on the shoulder,” he said.

Officer Pichanusakorn says the boy was dressed in dark clothes, with a backpack carrying a stick. He told him he was running away.

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“He filled his little backpack up with clothes and supplies and hit the road,” he said.

Police say the boy left his home off of San Jose Way in Oak Park and traveled almost two miles, walking about 40 minutes, to the freeway. He ended up on the northbound side of the freeway just north of E Street.

“He had been walking for a while. And it’s a pretty good trek from his house to where we found him,” Pichanusakorn said.

CHP Officers say they turned over the case to Sacramento Police, who took the boy home. They say there is no open investigation, and there are no criminal charges.

CBS 13 also spoke with Child Protective Services, and say there is no open case involving this little boy or his family. They do say in any case involving an unsupervised child they will get the necessary information and determine whether there needs to be an open investigation.

Marissa Perlman


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